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Minimum 15 to 20 working days are required to complete the process and mobilization of the candidates who accept the offer. This may vary on the condition of acceptance and the medical fitness of the candidates.

In some cases the selected candidates may be employed with govt. organization or other companies. While interviewing / finalizing such candidates we have to clearly ask availability of the candidates that, how soon he can join if we give him an firm offer. Depends of their present employers regulation, they may be able to tell us how soon they will be available from the date we gave them a firm offer.

Some of the organization required one month, two month, and three month notice relieve from the employment or they may have some other compensatory conditions to relieve. ALL these points to be clearly clarified while finalizing the candidates. Consulate / Embassy takes 4 to 5 working days to deliver the passports after the visa stamping. Thereafter, we have to submit the passport for Emigration Clearance. The Emigration Office takes 2 days time to get the clearance.

While going through all these process we schedule the departure of the candidates with the view of all these process and the schedule of the employing company.
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