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Recruitment Process

Employing company has to provide us detailed job description, qualification, experience and candidate specification and other information with the principal's special knowledge relating to the position to be filled, condition of employment, number of employees required for each classification and approximate date on which the employees are required in order to enable us to carry out service.

We will conduct the search, release the advertisement it required with the consent of the principal and pre-screening of candidates in connection with the selection and requirements of Indian nationals for the employing company. All advertisement will be undertaken by us only with the principal's prior written approval.

We will screen application and resumes received. The competence of each person being considered for employment shall be evaluated solely on the basis of the specific requirements of the particular job to be filled. Those candidates whose application and resume indicate that they possess the minimum qualification for the position to be filled will be interviewed by us. During the interview we will evaluate the candidates on the basis of job specification, collect personal data, like the complete history, qualification, experience, areas he worked, present drawing salary, expected salary, availability, etc. and short listed resumes will be forwarded to the employing company. Subsequently, interview with the short listed candidates would be arranged as per the schedule of the principles. After the final interview, the offer of employment shall in all cases be made by us to the candidates only after we have received employing their visas and complete other procedures for the mobilization as per the schedule of the employing company.
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